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Planting Instructions

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Watering Your Plants

Plants: Water your plants the day of, and every other day after installation for 2-3 weeks¬. After that time establishing plants need 2” of rain water per week for the first year. We recommend supplementing water by hand with a ‘shower’ attachment for your garden hose 5-10 seconds per plant (tree requirements vary so be sure to ask our nursery staff prior to planting). Be sure to not saturate the soil as this can cause the roots to rot and your plant to perish. A good test before you water is to scrape back the top layer of soil (about 2” deep) to analyze the moisture level. If you find the soil is dry water the plant, if the soil is wet refrain from watering and check the following day. When planting during drought, or temperatures over 80 degrees, watering must be done daily for the first 2-3 weeks using the same procedures. Supplemental watering is also advised for established plants during extended drought. Remember that plant needs vary, so be sure to ask one of our horticultural specialists the specific watering needs for your plant.

Pruning Your Plants

Pruning can enhance the look of your landscape when done at the proper times. Pruning off dead branches can happen any time of the year. However there are more select times to prune live branches to ensure the health and beauty of your plant. Spring flowering plants are best pruned following the show of their flowers. This is because they will begin forming new buds for next spring’s flowers by late summer. Summer and fall flowering plants can be pruned throughout the year. When pruning always prune so your cuts are at an angle. Prune dead branches back to the live portion of the plant and prune live branches back to the closest growth node. For more information concerning pruning your plants contact Moyer’s Inc.

Fertilizing Your Plants

Feeding your landscape is very important. Soil can lack the proper nutrients and mature plants can deplete the once fertile soil of its nutrients. Proper fertilization also helps maximize plant health. Container plants purchased at Moyer’s Hometown Nurseries do NOT need to be fertilized their first year. After their first year we recommend a spring and fall fertilization schedule. Follow the directions on the brand of fertilizer you are using. Moyer’s Inc. supplies various fertilizers and our knowledgeable staff can help you with the selection and schedule for fertilizing your landscape!

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